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Do you know how to make quality dating decisions from start to end? 

Do you know the key secrets in Dating and Matching?

Do you know how to protect your heart? So you don't waste your time dating and falling in love with the wrong person?

Do you know what to match, how to match, and what you must do to get it right the first time? Be your best matchmaker!

Do you know all the best answers to your most important dating questions?

If you don't know how to make your best decisions to these life-shaping questions, don't worry.  Now is the best time. Please allow me to introduce Skillful Dating to you. 

What is Skillful Dating?

Skillful Dating refers to the science of dating; the mastery and systematic ability to make intelligent decisions in the early stages of an intimate relationship.

 Skillful Dating focuses mainly on the decision-making process, empowering you with the best mindset to make the best dating and matching decisions, the best dating tips and strategies, the best dating advice, and all the consequential dating secrets you need to succeed in today's world.

This rare wisdom was developed from an in-depth study of over 1,000 successfully and unsuccessfully married adults. The results were amazing! Analysis of these people's experiences and patterns revealed the existence of a clear path to Success in Dating. Best of all, this study also developed a decision-making tool that puts you in control, to foresee and manage risks and uncertainties in today's dating world.

As you can see, you have no reason to repeat thee costly dating mistakes. You have no reason to break your heart over and over. No reason to learn this the hard way. If you can read this, you can shorten your learning curve. You can learn how to do this right the first time.

Here is the good news. All this indispensable dating wisdom, the best dating advice, the best dating tips, and the essential secrets in dating and matching are all documented in this book titled, Skillful Dating for Smart Singles.

Read it or listen to the audio, so you can start making intelligent dating decisions before you fall in love.

You too will make dating easier and more fun. 

Who You Fall in Love With - Most Important Decision that Shapes Your Quality of Life & Future!

Life is a precious gift, and you shouldn't waste it falling in love with the wrong person. This is why I am encouraging you to shorten your learning curve, and learn how to make intelligent dating decisions from day One. 

You are the one who is going to face the consequences of your dating decisions. Therefore I encourage you to take control and learn how to shape the quality of your desired love life.

If you are seriously interested in learning, you'll be glad to get the answers to these hundreds of dating questions. Here is what you'll learn from this Skillful Dating book:-

  1. The Dating Lessons from Successful relationships/marriages.
  2. The Dating Lessons from failed relationships.
  3. How to discover your true self, and your unique compatibility features.
  4. How to find the ideal person who finds you ideal to them too.
  5. Learn how to use the SDM to minimize the influence of guesswork.
  6. Learn how to foresee and manage the risks & uncertainties in today's dating world.
  7. Learn how to build on other people's experiences to make divorce and domestic violence plagues of the past.
  8. Learn how to make decisions that last the test of time.
  9. Learn how to use the Skillful Dating Model to skillfully prevent a loss-making mismatch with an impostor who wants to pretend and waste your time or ruin your quality of life
  10. Master the secrets of building a lasting and successful love relationship.


  1. "I agree, dating is a skill! Relying on luck has ruined so many lives. Stop the insanity. Read this book now; enlightening, educational and testimonial" Debbie Harris
  2. "So many millennials are flying blind. They do not know how to screen a potential lover without becoming intimate. Best dating book ever, on how to find your true true love" Sharon Andrews
  3. "The best dating book for singles. You learn how to date skillfully at a bargain price. Don't wait to learn dating the hard way. Get this now". Mary Alexander
  4. "Skillful Dating should be taught in every High School before these kids make these life-shaping decisions! This shall reduce our high divorce and domestic violence rates. This is a must-read" Susan Roberts
  5. "No comparison, best dating book ever! Shows you how to be right every step of the relationship. You don't want to miss out on this life-shaping wisdom" Debra Maguire
  6. "Informative, mind-opening, educational. and instructive. No other book comes close in giving you the facts and tools you need to succeed in dating. Best gift to a single person" Beth Nightingale
  7. "Best value. Alex shows you how to start your love relationship from a rock solid foundation. Best of all, you do not have to pay an arm and a leg to find your true lifetime love" Angie Coleman

Early Bird Special

I love giving and rewarding people who act right away. Smart Singles that purchase this book will be entered in a raffle to win free entry to one of my Skillful Dating Seminars. If you are unable to attend, you'll get access to 2 Skillful Dating Teleconferences where you get to ask your questions and get answers from me, with responses and ideas from fellow passionate Smart Singles.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Your satisfaction is guaranteed with my 100% no questions asked, iron-clad money-back guarantee. If you aren't absolutely happy with my products, just contact me (or send the product back me in a resale able condition) within 90 days, and i'll refund 100% of your purchase price. No questions asked.

You simply can't lose. Skillful Dating is the answer. Just get it and try it out. If it doesn't do everything I say, if you do not learn new dating tips, or if your dating skills don't improve, or if you don't absolutely  love it, just let me know and I will give you every cent of your money back (less shipping fees), so you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Yes, only $15 to learn how to start your journey to a fulfilling love life.


To your utmost Success with Skillful Dating.

Alex Mugume

Author, Dating Coach, Public Speaker.

P.S. Time runs fast. Before you know it, you'll be 21, 29, 38, 47, 55, Oops, 63, 73, and you are still wasting your time dating the wrong people again and again. You don't want to kick yourself in the future, regretting why you did not learn Skillful Dating. If you appreciate peace of mind, don't miss this opportunity to make your dreams come true.

P.P.S. Look at it this way - investing $15 in your future, is really a painless drop in the bucket compared to the money you are going to waste dating the wrong people in the next couple of years, and ruining your quality of inner life. Now you know. Do the math. Have you not waited long enough? Don't wait. Smart Singles Act.

P.P.P.S. Need a new gift idea for a friend who is married or in a love relationship? My new book titled, "Building a Joyful Family" will be released in August 2017.It is a research of the deep rooted wisdom from 160 happily married couples from 10 to 60 years without separation. This book teaches you their proven success mindsets and how you can duplicate them if your desire is to become a better spouse, and build a rich and lasting love relationship. 

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