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Dear Smart Single,

What would you give for a decision-making tool you could use to find the perfect match?

The Skillful Dating Model is what thousands of people like you have used to find the perfect partner, and a sustained and loving relationship.

In only 2 hours, you’ll learn the art and science of the Skillful Dating Model.  You’ll master the systematic ability to make more intelligent decisions in the early stages of an intimate relationship.

You have no more excuses for staying ignorant of this life-changing information, because I’ve priced it to cost less than a sandwich!

It has never been easier. You’ll be able to find the man or woman of your dreams, while avoiding mismatches and impostors who want to pretend, and waste your time or ruin your love life.

This is What You’ll Gain:-

  • Learn how to find your perfect match, that finds you ideal too!
  • Learn the best matchmaking tips with answers to all your dating and compatibility questions. You will finally know what you are doing every step of the way!
  • Get the best dating advice, best dating tips and strategies, and all the incredible dating secrets you need to know to succeed!
  • Show you how to use the Skillful Dating Model to put you in total control to foresee problems and make smart decisions at every stage of the dating process. This will also help you to avoid the pitfalls and mistakes in dating and relationship building. This is the best decision-making tool for managing the risks and uncertainties in today’s dating world!
  • Be able to shorten your learning curve, and save yourself from repeating these costly dating mistakes!
  • Learn how to collect, process and interpret information faster, and make the right decisions the first time, and finally make dating easier and more fun. You’ll learn how to get instant feedback and become your own best matchmaker!
  • You’ll gain the wisdom to help you master the secrets of finally building that lasting and successful love relationship!

I am on a mission to help millions of Smart Singles like you to make divorce and domestic violence plagues of the past. All the knowledge you need is here at your fingertips with the Skillful Dating Model.  Plus, it’s incredibly affordable – all this life-changing knowledge for less than the price of a sandwich!

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Invest in your future now! Put this Skillful Dating wisdom to work and make today the turning point on your journey to a fulfilling love life. 

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Don’t miss out! This new dating skill will improve your quality of life and give you what you’ve always wanted in a long-term loving relationship! 


To your utmost joy and success in dating :)

Alex K. Mugume

Author / Skillful Dating for Smart Singles

P.S. Time passes quickly. Before you know it, you’ll be 20, 30, 40, 50, 60,70, or even 80, and you could still be wasting time dating the wrong people again and again. You do not want to kick yourself in the future, regretting why you did not learn this new Dating Skill. If you treasure your life and appreciate peace of mind, don’t wait another day. Order Now.

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P.P.P.S. Skillful Dating for Smart Singles is the ultimate idea for a Dating Book Club. Invite me for a Q & A Session, I’ll be happy to join you!

Amazing Answers to Hundreds of Your Dating Questions!

Are You Ready to make Dating Easier & More Fun?

No more excuses! All the answers you've always wanted to know are now documented in this Skillful Dating volume. Here is what you'll learn now:

  1. Dating Lessons from Successful Relationships / marriages.
  2. Dating Lessons from failed relationships.
  3. How to Discover Your True Self, and your unique compatibility features.
  4. How to find Your Ideal man or woman that finds you ideal too.
  5. How to Simulate using the SDM, to minimize the influence of guesswork in your Dating Decisions.
  6. How to foresee and manage risks and uncertainties in Today's Dating World. 
  7. How to build on other people's experiences to make divorce and domestic violence plagues of the past.
  8. How to make Dating Decisions that Last the Test of Time. 
  9. How to use the Skillful Dating Model to Attract Your True Love, and prevent a mismatch with an impostor who wants to pretend, waste your time or ruin your quality of love life.
  10. How to Master the Secrets in Building a Lasting and Successful Love Relationship. 

Life is a Precious Gift. Be a winner. Get this rare wisdom today, and start getting empowered to succeed in today's dating world. 

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